Founded on April 5th, 2020 by 4 young Montrealers, Bien Aller’s goal was to deal with the shortage of face masks and to ensure that medical masks were left to the medical professionals.

Bien Aller is a Montreal-based company providing Masks & Accessories. It is devoted to improving the health and safety of Canadians, fashionably and sustainably.

So far, we have manufactured, sold and distributed over 300,000 masks Canada-wide and internationally.

By offering high-quality reusable Masks & Accessories to Canadians, Bien Aller helps protect our population, and also reduces the number of disposable masks in landfills. Together, we have already prevented the waste of over 19 million disposable masks!

Bien Aller has a desire to help our community and participate in the local economy. We design, package and distribute our products from Quebec. A large part of our production is also made locally.

Our desire to help our community has resulted in weekly donations to local charities, since our start on April 5, 2020 we have donated over $100,000 (click here to learn more)!

What started as a facemask company has now expanded to include mask accessories such as pouches, neck cords, hats, and mask mists that make wearing masks more comfortable for everyone. We partnered up with 2 other Montreal-based companies to offer you even more local purchase options: Hoca.co & Atelier Tonic !

This is only the beginning. Together, we are keeping one another safe by encouraging the use of sustainable and fashionable face masks.

Thank you for your support,

Ben, Jordan, Mark & Sean