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Our Story


We’re Sean, Jordan, and Mark - co-founders of Bien Aller.

Bien Aller is a Montreal based face mask company devoted to improving the health and safety of Canadians, fashionably and sustainably.

Following the recent shortage of medical equipment, we focused on creating reusable masks that are more sustainable than traditional disposable masks. In this way, we are helping protect our community by offering an effective (and stylish!) alternative. So far, we have distributed over 133,000 masks across the country!

By offering high-quality reusable masks to Canadians, Bien Aller helps protect our population, and also reduces the number of disposable masks in landfills. Together, we have already prevented the waste of over 19 million disposable masks!

Bien Aller also participates in the local economy by designing, packaging and distributing its masks from Quebec. A large part of our products are also produced in the province.

Following the desire to help our community, we donate a portion of profits to local charities. Since launching on April 5th, 2020, we’ve donated over $17,000! Learn more

Together, we are changing the idea of masks being a medical product, to masks being a fashionable protection accessory. One which makes a real difference.