1. How did this mask come to be?

Please visit the About page for more information.

2. What size should I order?
It is recommended that men wear a large, women wear a medium and children up to 7 years old wear a small. Please click HERE to view our sizing guide for more details.

3. What is the mask made of?
All our masks and filters are made of 100% cotton.

4. How often should the mask be washed?
We recommend the mask be washed prior to wearing it for the first time, and after every use. Purchasing more than one mask can facilitate rotation between washing cycles. We suggest the use of our mask pouch (make hyperlink to pouch) to always keep your mask clean and lint free during transport or after its use. 

5. How do I care for the mask?
We highly recommend hand-washing your 100% cotton mask with cold water and the detergent of your choice and hang to dry. Please never wash with hot water as cotton could shrink.

Purchasing more than one mask can facilitate rotation between washing cycles, and we suggest the use of our mask pouch to always keep your mask clean and lint free during transport or after its use.

6. Is it reusable?
Yes, you can reuse the mask after washing it.

7. Who is the mask for?
The mask can be worn by anybody. It is intended for the everyday individual for a fashionable and sustainable alternative to the traditional face mask. They are not intended for healthcare workers and do not replace N95 masks.

8. Does the mask have a filter?
Yes, we have filtered and unfiltered masks. Our filtered masks use an antibacterial double layered 100% cotton fibre that is washable and reusable! Click HERE for more details.

9. How do I care for my filters?
All our filters are 100% cotton. We recommend handwashing them with cold water and hang to dry. Do not wash with hot water as cotton is known to shrink.

10. Can I share my masks?
No, you should not share masks as it is a sanitary product and should only be worn by one individual.

11. When will I receive my order?
Our masks are made-to-order and we do our best to get them out to everyone as soon as possible. Please take note of potential production delays displayed on product page. Production delays can be up to 2 weeks on select products due to the high demand.

We include Shipping for Canadian orders and usually takes between 5-10 business days (please note that Canada Post is experiencing shipping delays).

We send emails confirming the purchase and the shipping of your order. Please verify your spam folder.

12. Do you ship internationally?
We offer shipping to the US at an extra fee.

For orders to the UK and Europe, please order through our partner's platform: https://eastoxfordsupply.co.uk/collections/all

13. Can I return the mask?
No. All sales are final and cannot be returned. If you received a damaged product, please contact us at info@bienaller.com with photos and we'll rectify the situation.

14. Can I buy the mask(s) in-store anywhere?
We are an online retailer only, you can shop on our website here.

15. How can I adjust my mask?
Our filtered masks have small rubber grommets on the elastics around your ears and a metal nose piece to adjust the fit.

16. Where are your products made?
All of our non-filtered masks are made in Canada. Packaging and fulfilment of all of our products are also done in Canada. The production of our filtered masks has been outsourced to South Korea where they make the highest quality reusable masks. We've decided to outsource in order for us to keep up with demand and provide as many reusable masks to non-health care workers as possible. 

17. Why is Post Canada emailing me to pay an additional $2?
It came to our attention that some clients, after placing their order, receive emails from shipping carriers such as Post Canada asking for extra fees associated with shipping. This is a scam, please do not open any link or pay any fee outside our Shopify platform.


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